18th June–2nd July 2016

5th Floor Gallery

1 Mill St, Ludlow

Shropshire, SY8 1AZ

Open 10AM until 8PM



Abandoned Room Collective started out as one man thinking about an exhibition. He wanted a space to put up his work, but one man alone needs either a lot of work or a very small space. Besides, grand ideas are often best shared, he thought, so he invited a couple of people to join him. Working together seemed to be good, so they spoke to other artists they knew and asked them too.

Together they found an abandoned room, hidden at the very top of a Georgian shop in Ludlow and set about making it good. They would hold an exhibition of work in many different shapes and sizes and styles, full of ideas to intrigue and things of interest, the likes of which hadn’t been seen before. It would be a very fine thing indeed...

And it was a very fine thing, and so they decided to hold another exhibition. This year, come and see what Abandoned Room Collective have been imagining, let them share with you their wonder and delight in it all. High up in Ludlow Assembly Rooms they will put on a show, making the space their own. Come along and find them: Join the Revolution!


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